• Easy configuration via PC.
  • Customizable background, arrows, floors, logo and signalling.
  • UNI EN 81-70.
  • Customizable background with pictures and sounds (for car position indicators).
  • Energy saving system mode (stand-by).
  • Easy keypad for the selection of the main features (buzzer volume, communication interface, first floor, brightness, stand-by duration)
  • Integrated emergency light.
  • Communication interface: Vega serial, RS485, CAN, parallel and magnetic sensors
  • Mounting: protection case.
  • Mounting: horizontal and vertical.
  • Voice synthesizer on board.
  • Calendar and temperature.
  • Software updating is available by USB port on a button in the car.
  • Updating by USB/SD card.


10 mm glass thickness
Watertight seal.