• Input Voltage: Three Phase 440VAC, 50Hz Pure Sine Wave Main Line Voltage
  • Output Voltage: Two Phase 440VAC, 50Hz Modified Square wave with power Booster Logic.
  • Battery Voltage: 72V (6 Battery of 12V) and Amp depend upon the Motor Rating
  • In case of a main power supply failure, the lift stopped between two floors is moved to floor level, the automatic door is opened and passengers are out safely, For lifts with automatic door, in case of a main power supply failure at floor level, the door is remain opened.
  • This device is suitable for those buildings without an emergency power source Allocated for the elevator.
  • Also have smart Battery Charger for 72V (6 Battery of 12V / 7ah) For Higher HP Motor they have also Current Sensor which detect the lowest current direction of the motor, this is optional.Overload and Overcurrent Protection.
  • Start Time and Travel Time Also Adjustable.
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Smart LCD Panel

  • 65 Input / Output, PLC Architecture, 12V Feild Wiring, On Board Display, Down Collective & Full Collective
  • Support : WVF, Single Speed, Hydraluic, DC Motor, Two Speed Motor, Permanent Magnet Motor.
  • User Selectable / Programmable with 12 Parameters
  • Usage Data Display Mode
  • Service Time Program Mode
  • Parameter Program Mode
  • Maximum 8 Stop 3 Reed / Maximum 10 Stop All Reed
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Universal Pannel

  • Universal controller is a one of highest rated and secured controller in recent market.
  • It has a user satable parameters depends on user requirement.
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